Beiimaan Love

Beiimaan Loveis a 2016 Hindi thriller film directed and produced by Rajeev Chaudhari. It stars Sunny Leone and Rajniesh Duggall and marks the acting debut of Daniel Weber and Ziesha Nandy.In Beiimaan Love movie Sunny Leone romances with Rajniesh Duggall and her character is daringly different - bold and fiery role. This film will inspire and inject new energy and courage in woman all over to lead a life on their own terms with dignity and pride. ...
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Cast: Rajneesh Duggal, Sunny Leone
Genre: Thriller
Language: hindi
Release Date: October, 14, 2016
2.0 / 5 (6658 votes)

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Review: Beiimaan Love

Rating: **

Starring Sunny Leone, Daniel Weber, Rajneish Duggal, Beiimaan Love directed by Rajeev Chaudhari has finally hit theatres. Our critic Rajat Tripathi is watching the film at a multiplex right now and has sent us his first impressions of the film. Rajat says,” With zero exposition and no rolling credits, a random music video featuring Sunny Leone starts playing on the screen. You know in this moment that all Beiimaan Love is going to do is cash in on ...

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Beiimaan Love

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