All Love SMS

Let love be the guide to your dreams
let love be the light to your heart
let your love be the reason why somebody else’s heart still continues to beat

I may be innocent to know what love is
I may not show it to you
I may not love you the way it should be but I am always willing to love you the way I understand it… I LOVE YOU

Pyar – wahi jis main sachi her baat ho
jis main her baat ka ehsaas ho
jis main her ada per naaz ho
jis main pyar hi pyar ho
jis main koi door reh kar bhi paas ho

Doobti kashtiyon ko bhi kinaray milte hain
Tootay dilon ko bhi saharay milte hain
Zindagi buhut pyari cheez hai
Per kuch log zindagi se bhi pyaray lagtay hain

Friend... I hope you have a very excellent, very special, very amazing Valentine's day today... for no other reason than the obvious... you are a very excellent, very special, very amazing person... and you deserve that. Happy Valentine's day!!!

There is no better way than a rose to say... you are just as beautiful and special! Wish I was there with you now to tell you so..

A heart as big as all outdoors, a spirit that's so free it soars... A love that sparkles and delights, and warmth that welcomes and invites... That's you! Wishing you the special Valentine's day you deserve.

Hearts that care remember..and this day seems set apart... To remind YOU that you're close in thought and always in my heart.

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