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"Wake up!" shouted Jeeto to Santa.
"What's the matter?" said Santa.
Jeeto: You're talking in your sleep again. Why don't you control yourself?
Santa: All right! We'll make a bargain. You let me talk when I'm awake and I'll try to control myself when I'm asleep!

If Pepsodent toothpaste kills 99.9% of germs what does Pepsodent Sensitive do?
It kills 99.9% of germs, without hurting their feelings!

Remember to remember me and forget to forget me. But if you try to remember to forget me, I'll never forget to remember to remind you to remember me!
Missing you and remembering you!!

In the morning, I don't eat because I think of you;
In the afternoon, I don't eat because I think of you;
In the evening, I don't eat because I think of you;
At night, I can't sleep because I am hungry!

Duniya Bhi Dekhi Aur Duniyadaari Bhi Deekhi;
Dil Par Mainee Chalti Hui Aari Bhi Dekhi;
Dekhe The Jo Log Maine Wafadariyaan Nibhaate;
Unhi Ke Hathon Maine Hoti Gadaari Bhi Dekhi!

A man went into a bank and said to the cashier, "Will you check my balance?"
Santa was also standing in the queue behind him and before the cashier could reply, Santa pushed him.

Do not let a bottle of wine serve as an inspiration to call your ex in a pathetic attempt to get back together.
Some very fine grapes have died in the making of this wine.
Show some respect

Preeto: Why is psychoanalysis much quicker for men than it is for woman?
Jeeto: Because when it is time to go back to childhood, the man is already there.

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