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We have imaginary farms, cities and animals; we cook fake food; we poke people; and we even write on walls.
Isn't Facebook a mental hospital and we all as its members, its patients?

Roses are Red;
Violets are Blue;
Your parents are beautiful;
What happened to you?

I wish people were like money, so you could hold them up to the light to see which ones are real and which ones are fake!

Jab Kuchh Sapne Adhure Reh Jaate Hein;
Tab Dil Ke Dard Aansu Ban Ke Beh Jaate Hein;
Jo Kehte Hein Ke Hum Sirf Aap Ke Hein;
Pata Nahi Kaise Alvida Keh Jaate hein!

Maths Teacher to Pappu, "If both of your parents were born in 1969, how old would they say they are now?"
Pappu: That depends.
Teacher: Depends on what?
Pappu: Whether you're asking my father or my mother!

"Wake up!" shouted Jeeto to Santa.
"What's the matter?" said Santa.
Jeeto: You're talking in your sleep again. Why don't you control yourself?
Santa: All right! We'll make a bargain. You let me talk when I'm awake and I'll try to control myself when I'm asleep!

If Pepsodent toothpaste kills 99.9% of germs what does Pepsodent Sensitive do?
It kills 99.9% of germs, without hurting their feelings!

Remember to remember me and forget to forget me. But if you try to remember to forget me, I'll never forget to remember to remind you to remember me!
Missing you and remembering you!!

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